Where do you want to go?

I have been know as a non-problematic child since ever. Usually people like me (unless they dislike me for everyone else likes me). And do you know why?

I’ve never said anything bad about anyone. I was always trying to be friends with everyone. Whenever I felt like I didn’t agree, I’ve always kept it for myself. Eventually, people stopped asking me about my opinion; I will always like everything, right?

not expressing my opinion = having no opinion = no right to be pissed later
having an opinion => making a decision = taking the responsibility

Even though I believe Alice only got fucking high and never visited Wonderland, this has made me think. If you don’t know where do you want to go, then everywhere is good enough for you.

Get to know yourself.

Mr. Nobody says: “As long as you don’t chooseeverything remains possible.

Bullshit. If you don’t choose, someone else will make that decision for you. Is that what you want in your life? Oh wait.. is it still your life?

I’ve always thought I worth less than other people. I would let them direct my life just because I thought they know better. Though.. how anybody can know yourself better than.. you?

Tell the truth. People will leave, people will come.