To Rome With Love

They say that all roads lead to Rome and so did mine, eventually. We flew to Prague from The Netherlands with my boyfriend on sunday and on tuesday we were already landing in Fiumicino together with my mom and aunt.

The heat during our five-day-long stay was almost unbearable; 37 degrees on the streets (yuup, July). Now imagine walking around Forum Romanum and climbing Capitol HILL .. yeah. That’s why we look sweaty in most of the pictures with a tired smile. Nevertheless, I regret nothing!

2013-08-11 01.51.10

I’m not going to tell you what to visit and what not (although I would highly recommend fountain di Trevi from all the breath-taking places and an international food market at Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele). Italy was never a number one on my must-visit-countries-before-i-die list. Actually, the only reasons why I decided to go was a) my dad went last year without me and I had to beat him b) I had a wizzair premium membership and it was the nicest location that wizzair flies to from Prague. Man, I was a dummie! Italy is so great. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t eaten the best food in my life there even though I love to death sundried tomatoes, caprese, parmaggiano, etc. Maybe we didn’t went to the right restaurants?

2013-07-26 18.57.33
One thing is sure. We had the fucking best gelatos. It didn’t really matter which shop we chose. EVERY gelato in Rome was better than any ice cream I had before (and trust me, I had belgian and japanese ones as well).

I was a bit afraid of Italians, to be honest. They are so… Southern! Lol. I kind of expected them to fight with me because true Italians always fight in my head. Oh! Reminds me.. once I was having a transfer in Rome and NO ONE tried to help me even though I was asking desperately… I mean, I understand that they didn’t speak english (no, actually, why the heck italian flight attendants can’t speak english?!?!!) but they could show me the right gate with the international body language, yah? YU NO HELP ME?

Now, that opinion of mine is gone. We were getting lost in Rome constantly and people were coming and asking if we need help even when we were just studying a map. The strange thing that I noticed was that people who were helping us were solely those who looked like they aren’t… Italians. They were either black or they resembled gypsies. Maybe they have a better understanding for foreigners? I have no idea, but when in doubt, ask the man selling watches on the street, not the lady with Prada bag. :)

What I’d want to highlight in today’s post: the stronger the better. At least in Rome’s public transport, specifically buses. They can get crazily full and what native citizens have learnt is that they hold the doors at bus stops so that no one can enter. Which is not so bad when you are inside already. It gets worse later, when you need to get OUT. First time this happened to us we did not know about this habit so we just tried to get out “normally” by standing close to the doors. Pche! Everybody was ignoring us  and the doors remained closed. My aunt in anger and panic started beating a big guy in front of her, LOL. Some people were even swearing. Eventually we found out. You have to kindly ask the person who “holds” the door that you will need to get out next stop and they will let you. Crazy? Nah.

2013-07-26 20.40.14

Some facts:

  • Italians tend to not smile even though they might be kind
  • even thick dough-ed pizzas are considered good
  • why so many Koreans???
  • the sea is just 40 kms away from Rome
  • they look like they are always in hurry… but they take their time with everything anyway
  • very cheap bus tickets
  • there is no queue at Vatican museum
  • there IS a queue to st. Peter’s – a humungous one
  • Italian girls are so skinny and purdyyy!!
  • nope, 5 days is not enough
2013-07-26 18.14.52
Adiós! Haha, anyways, you can get away with spanish as well, Italian language is very similar. Forget english.. we no speak americano.



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