So what exactly happened in 2014?

I burst into tears in front of my teacher because he gave me a B. I will never forget this experience and I feel forever ashamed whenever I see him at the uni.

Attended my first Model of United Nations conference and started wondering if I can switch studies. Realised I hate formal clothes. Started questioning my English as well. My mom had an operation and I was crying again because it was so scary. Everything is good now though. Looks like a sobbing year so far.


2014-03-01 02.12.16
Flew to the NL to see my BF and joined the crazy annual carnival again. Everyone was so in love with 1920’s and Gatsby. Have you read the book?
2014-03-23 13.48.48
Also visited Berlin for few days with my best friend, it was the first time she was in Primark and she went NUTS. I almost passed out.

Two years ago I kinda won this competition and so I got to visit the European Parliament and some other stuff in Belgium, like Brugges and Pierre Marcolini sweetshop. Also, I dyed my hair pink which was fcking awesome. Except for the bleaching part. My hair is still recovering from it in 2015.

2014-04-08 13.19.10

Oh and I met Ban-Ki Moon in Prague.


Flew to the Netherlands again; I didn’t realise I was there so frequently this year!

Hahahaha. I don't have a better picture.
Hahahaha. I don’t have a better picture. Hair starting to fade :'(


Another exams period. Got another B. From the CAE preparation course! Continued to question my English.


Then I flew to the Netherlands again ..

2014-06-29 20.32.35
So the world cup was happening. I wore my father in law’s shirt because I literally own ZERO orange coloured clothes. I wonder if he found out.

..just to fly to… NEW fucking YORK!!!!!! The best highlight of 2014 I swear. Probably the best highlight of my life as well, lol. Also visited Boston and Washington. God bless America!

Processed with Rookie

2014-07-24 13.30.40
Back in The NL. Saw Girl with a pearl earring by Vermeer for real in Den Haag and she is indeed very pretty!


2014-08-01 20.52.27
Still with my boyfriend in Holland. I’ve tried shisha for the first time in my life and liked it!
2014-08-03 11.46.04
And went carting for the first time too. It was okay but I do prefer four-wheelers.

Flew to Bari with my parents! Okay I did quite travel this year.

2014-09-08 11.28.27
I volunteered at Forum2000..

2014-10-06 22.00.59
… and had the most expensive dinner in my life with my dad’s politician friends.

Spike and his parents were in Prague and they met my mom and it was just a little less awkward than I had expected. Another milestone in our relationship, haha!2014-11-16 15.51.18

Took the CAE exam. Got an A. Stopped questioning my English. Had an urge to go back to my ex-teacher and shove my certificate through her throat. Fell in love with FKA Twigs and within few hours decided to buy tickets to her concert in March ’15 in Paradiso. Freaking excited!!!!!

Happy 2K15!
Happy 2K15!

So that’s it. It even surprised myself to see how many awesome things I have experienced in 2014. To 2015, then. I don’t wish for it to be awesome or anything. I know it will be because I am going to make it that way! :D

P.S. This may come off weird but I am so obsessed with the yin and yang symbol nowadays. The whole philosophy of the opposites being attracted to each other and stuff..It just makes perfect sense!

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