Just let it go.

This girl. Let’s call her Amy. I know her for over 10 years. We are friends on all social media. Sometimes we like each other’s stuff. We used to hangout a lot. We used to hug, drink coffee together, sport together.

We haven’t spoken together for five years now. Sometimes I think about her. I know how she is doing. She took a completely different path in life. Not a bad path, just different. It’s a path that makes HER happy and that’s what matters.

I often wish we continued our friendship. Because she is a beautiful soul. I like beautiful souls. I like people that are good in heart and that I can have a good laugh with. But we have let it go too far.

This is the worst kind of state. Dwelling on your past friendships, when you know that each of you have moved different directions in life. If we met now, we would have nothing to talk about. And I am so sad, because I just hate letting go of people. But I guess it’s the right thing to do. Realising that certain people are not meant to stay in your life. And just let go.

Bye, Amy.