Where do you want to go?

I have been know as a non-problematic child since ever. Usually people like me (unless they dislike me for everyone else likes me). And do you know why?

I’ve never said anything bad about anyone. I was always trying to be friends with everyone. Whenever I felt like I didn’t agree, I’ve always kept it for myself. Eventually, people stopped asking me about my opinion; I will always like everything, right?

not expressing my opinion = having no opinion = no right to be pissed later
having an opinion => making a decision = taking the responsibility

Even though I believe Alice only got fucking high and never visited Wonderland, this has made me think. If you don’t know where do you want to go, then everywhere is good enough for you.

Get to know yourself.

Mr. Nobody says: “As long as you don’t chooseeverything remains possible.

Bullshit. If you don’t choose, someone else will make that decision for you. Is that what you want in your life? Oh wait.. is it still your life?

I’ve always thought I worth less than other people. I would let them direct my life just because I thought they know better. Though.. how anybody can know yourself better than.. you?

Tell the truth. People will leave, people will come.


Wil jij mijn valentijn zijn?

The past two weeks I’ve spent in The Netherlands, the country of tulips, cheese, wooden clogs and of course space cakes. That’s what this small country usually symbolize for foreigners. To me it’s a country of good-looking tall people (of whom my boyfriend is the tallest and the handsomest!) and a country of crazy crazy crazy carnaval that happens to be around Valentine’s (only in the south; and I usually don’t use words three times in a row but I’m listening to One Direction atm, haha)!

2013-02-09 13.58.44

And of course, I couldn’t resist joining this special event myself!  It’s SO cute! Every citizen is dressed up, people you’ve never seen before offer you fries, beers, some may experience first kiss or hangover. It’s a 5-night-long party that everybody should attend at least once in their lives. What is usually considered normal is not anymore, being insane and enjoying horrible dutch music remakes is a must. I bet you’d love it just as much as I did.

Meet my sexy boyfriend and his awesome dad!

Besides carnaval, I was just stuffing myself with food I can never get in The Czech republic. I love food so much, I would give up a lot of things in my life for good food :D.

2013-02-14 15.36.25
Japanese dessert made of creamy ice-cream covered in rice flour. A very tainting obsession.
2013-02-10 16.42.42
Tony’s chocolonely’s big enough for two, don’t eat when lonely! :) It won some dutch prize but it’s up to you to decide if deservedly (I myself found it quite average but better than Hershey’s or Milka). Beef Jerky was just a try because I’m somehow attracted to the food from The US. It was super good!!
2013-02-10 15.11.05
What can I say… The worst McDonald’s burger I’ve ever tried so far… I kind of miss it.
2013-02-16 14.03.10
Limburgse vlaai is one of the fluffiest and yummiest things you can get in The Netherlands, I recommend strawberry flavours or cherry/chocolate mousse.
2013-02-17 19.18.51
I just had to get those funny peppermints because they are so large and good and with the queen’s name on it – yumm!

Not the healthiest choices indeed but noone should be on a diet when having holidays! ;) My boyfriend and I were actively sabotaging a fit lifestyle. Once we were having actually a proper dinner at his grandparent’s – a dutch meal called stamppot which is made of mashed potatoes and any vegetable I think. We couldn’t bear the idea of eating like any other person, so after a delicious dinner (mind you, we already had a soup, main dish and a pudding for dessert) we went to local’s supermarket to get starbucks drinks and bag of potato chips with a special dutch sauce called Joppiesaus (my heart thingy). I’m afraid to check my weight now!

Sometimes we made breaks between meals and did something else as well. I love buying cheap yet pretty clothes (honestly, who doesn’t?) and my dear is so dear that he always take me shopping with a smile and wait for me in front of fitting rooms patiently. So our first stop from Rotterdam’s mini airport was to Rotterdam’s big and crowded Primark store. It wasn’t as full of nice clothes as in the summer but I managed to buy myself few stuff O:). Other shops that every hipster or fashionista (god, hahaha, that word is just funny) needs to visit are Brandy&Melville (!!!!! their stores are only in very few countries in the world, mostly just the US), American Apparel, maybe Zipper and any shop located at Nine little streets. For those we had to go to Amsterdam but visiting the capital is obligatory, isn’t it?

Though the main purpose of my visit was Valentine’s day. If you haven’t figured out yet, my boyfriend is very dutch (maybe a bit spanish, lol) and lives in the Netherlands. I can’t even describe how difficult it sometimes gets, having to live over 400 miles away from the person you love so much. I believe that what we have is somewhat special and unique, so unique that it already lasted over two years. Despite all the petty fights and misunderstandings (probably everything caused by me since my boyfriend is perfect in every way) we are still together and … invincible (at least I hope, I wouldn’t wish to read this again in the future crying because of being dumped, haha).

And we had a beautiful Valentine’s day! Although the weather was so bad that I got a cold, although I made him upset when I refused to visit the city of his first date with one of his ex-girlfriends (okay, but this is understandable, isn’t it? someone support me!? :D), although we bought a surprise bag of chocolate that was full of nougat that I don’t like, although we are so different from each other.

2013-02-14 17.37.23

P. S. I do think watching Django Unchained on Valentine’s day is the most romantic thing we could have done.

What I’ve learnt in Vietnam

I’ve recently been to Vietnam, one of the Asian dragons in past few years, the place to be. Not only it is my home country, it is full of undiscovered goods we in Europe never dreamt of.

Being raised in the Czech republic, my view on my origin was kind of twisted. Czechs don’t like Vietnamese (also gypsies, Russians and Ukrainians…), they despise them, make fun of them. To them, we are invaders from a poor country, stealing their ‘job opportunities’ and pretty czech women. Czech way of thinking became mine. Don’t blame me, I’ve lived here since I was two years old. Slowly I started avoiding places with a lot of Vietnamese folks. I never talked to them. I felt ashamed when I heard a Vietnamese person talking loudly in public transport. No one could change my mind; Vietnamese are hoi polloi. 

So when my mom one day said ‘We are going to Vietnam in November!’ I was nothing but ignorant. To me it was just an obligatory visit of my relatives I’ve never really got to know. I wasn’t excited at all. Actually, I was a bit mad because it meant I would have to miss two weeks of school right before the exam week. However, I knew how important it was for my mom so I didn’t protest that much. Can you imagine not seeing your family and dearest friends for 14 years? I certainly can’t.

On 10th Nov, we flew to Hanoi. The flight itself lasted 16 hours + transit I think. We were so tired, I thought I’d vomit my brain out. I wasn’t able to realise what was going on. I saw my grandpa, my cousins, people were hugging me and suddenly I was standing there holding three bunches of flowers. Pretty flowers that grow only in tropical zone. I saw a palm tree. The sky was so blue, exactly like the sky you usually see when you dream.

2012-11-11 00.41.44

Last time I went to Vietnam I was a 5-year-old  little bastard. One of the few things I clearly recall is that whenever I was sitting in a car, I threw up. I can proudly say, even on our 4 hours trip to Ha Long Bay, I didn’t get sick or anything. Vietnam has improved so much since my last visit! Yes, you still get to see people cooking in poor conditions and you can’t drink tap water or trust every vendor (especially if you are white). But even Rome wasn’t build in a day!

2012-11-12 09.44.23

It isn’t for the fact I’ve bought shitload of pretty clothes for cheap that I fell in love with Vietnam. It’s the culture. Finally I could fully understand. I’ve heard those people laughing out so loudly, I bet no czech person laughs as loud. I’ve seen night market and us fighting over few dongs when buying gifts for my friends. The air was so warm and humid, just like our temper. So warm and friendly. We went to Elizabeth Arden’s shop in Hanoi and the sales assistant braided my hair because I said she has a nice braid. That would NEVER happen here in Prague. Old grandmas were holding my hair, admiring my height.  In the Czech republic, I’m an ugly chinky eyed midget. There I was a pretty and tall expat. What a difference.

When I was walking down the streets today, in Prague, some disgusting streetworker said as I was passing by: “..so I’ve heard Chinese are so tight, they scream a lot during IT…” – I couldn’t give a shit. When I was in Vietnam, people addressed me lady. And that I want to remain. A lady.

2012-11-23 06.20.26

Visiting my hometown helped me realize who I am. Where are my roots. I will never get rid of czech impacts that are carved deeply in my soul but neither will I get rid of my indigenous culture. I feel so proud to be Vietnamese. I don’t care what others say. I know the truth. I know that we are a friendly, hard-working nation. We’ve been through harsh times, Americans couldn’t beat us, neither will you.

I only want you to realize this: Don’t listen blindly to what others say about you. Maybe that you are a worthless fat cunt or a disgusting yellow trash. Do your own research. Maybe you actually are fat and disgusting and worthless. But you know… what if not?

2012-11-12 06.37.16